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Recognizing Our Healthcare Heroes

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our doctors, nurses, support staff and administrative personnel have all remained committed to providing superior care for our patients, truly deserving of the title of Healthcare Hero. From quickly implementing new safety protocols and accommodating volume spikes, to keeping our patients and families connected, our Healthcare Heroes are courageous professionals, who continue to rise to meet the challenges of COVID-19 and improve lives, each and every day.

We value our team members and their relentless pursuit of high-quality, safe patient care, delivered with compassion and respect. Below are a sampling of the many accolades submitted by UHS colleagues commending Healthcare Heroes among us who are making a difference — from selfless doctors and nurses heroically helping others, to pharmacists making hand sanitizer for colleagues, to inspiring expressions of respect by hospital staff, first responders and the military.

Oscar, BH Tech at Belmont Pines Hospital
He normally spends his days transporting our children to various appointments and for home visits. Since March, he spends his days as a screener at our front door. He remains positive always, with a warm greeting to all. Perfect service excellence role model. He exemplifies caring.

Alexis, Social Worker at Coral Shores Behavioral Health
Alexis puts forth her best every day she is at work. She is kind, empathetic and passionate about her patients and the care she provides. Alexis can be seen going above and beyond to create quality follow up plans. She is dedicated to giving her patients a path to success.

David, Supply Chain Coordinator at Corona Regional Medical Center
He is the person in charge of making sure we have the supplies needed to take care of our patients and to keep the hospital functioning as usual. He is the one everyone goes to for help getting the products needed and in a timely matter. He is willing to do whatever it takes!

Aaron, ER Nurse at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center
He is an exceptional nurse. During this COVID-19 crisis, he has been the go-to person for caring for patients, educating staff, not only in the ER department but also on other floors in the hospital. He is always willing to help out and always has a smile on his face. Aaron has been a team player since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis here in Las Vegas. He has been the constant COVID-19 nurse; he has always helped out other nurses to learn the process, and even went to the other floors to help out with the process. Aaron is an amazing RN!

Dr. Mirza, Hospitalist/Cardiologist at Desert View Hospital
He stepped up to the frontline, literally he returned to Brookdale University Hospital in the heart of NYC to help fellow physicians as well as COVID-19 positive patients fight the deadly virus. He is selfless, compassionate, a true hero! So proud to work with him.

Amanda, Director of Nursing at Heartland Behavioral Health Services
She has been seen screening employees, helping clean, decorating the hospital, teaching our kids how to wash their hands and sit apart during meals. Amanda is the voice of reason, the calm in the storm. She is cheerful and courageous as she helps navigate us all through this pandemic. She is always willing to listen. She builds bridges, provides hope and encourages us to keep going.

Luz, Housekeeper at La Amistad Behavioral Health Services
She works hard every day to disinfect and clean in our facility. She comes every day with a smile behind her mask and is friendly to everyone and works very hard to keep us all safe. She is willing to do extra work, put extra effort into tasks, and is trustworthy and reliable.

M’Liss, Charge Nurse at Northwest Texas Healthcare System
She is one the Children’s Hospital’s unsung heroes. She’s a 7P charge nurse on Pediatrics and gives her patients, families and coworkers 120% all the time. M’Liss serves everyone around her with a humble and gracious smile. She is always in motion – doing whatever needs to be done!

Jenny, RN at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health
She always comes in with a positive attitude. Her attitude is contagious. She is a hard worker that always makes sure everyone around her is ok, even before herself. She treats the patients how they should be treated and goes above and beyond in her approach to providing for all.

Lourdes, Housekeeper at Palmdale Regional Medical Center
She is the housekeeper assigned to the ICU unit at PRMC. Lourdes has truly been a “Healthcare Hero” throughout this pandemic. She has never missed a beat; she has remained positive and performs her duties without fail. She is kind, she is helpful and she is committed.

Harriet, RN Supervisor/Staff Educator at Psychiatric Institute of Washington
She stepped up as PIW accepted our first COVID-19 patient on April 15. Several staff were fearful and she worked tirelessly day in and day out to provide training and emotional support to our staff. She worked on the unit alongside the staff until everyone was comfortable.

Omar, ED Tech at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center
He shines extra bright during this crazy time due to his caring and professional manner. He juggles many tasks effortlessly as an ER tech. He is patient with those patients who are scared and offers a caring response. He is a master of contributing to the patient experience. Omar is our champion. He is always positive, thoughtful and kind. He is responsive to patients’ needs and is so protective of his ER family. If you were to ask anyone, they would tell you about how wonderful he is. To quote one of our leaders, “I would take a bullet for him.”

Holly, Nurse on COVID Unit at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center
She is an amazing RN that truly stepped up during this crisis. Holly always kept such a positive attitude as we adjusted to the ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines. Holly volunteered to go to the COVID-19 unit so that older staff and staff with comorbidities would not have to go.

Karen, Nurse Manager on Co-Occurring Unit at Summit Oaks Hospital
She exhibits compassion for her patients daily; however in the wake of the pandemic, has shown exemplary leadership and diligence in the caring for her staff. She consistently puts the needs of her staff before her own, which is admired by all.

Nasko, Manager/Physical Therapist at Temecula Valley Hospital
He has been encouraging and inspiring during this difficult time. He holds daily updates and continues to remind us how grateful we are to be working together in a facility that cares deeply for their staff. He is supportive and flexible, a great asset. I nominate Nasko for Healthcare Hero Award because of his amazing qualities as a person, manager and TVH employee. He has created the happiest Rehab Team I have ever worked with and I am forever grateful. Putting patient care first and supporting his team are his priorities.

Megan, Nurse’s Aide at Texoma Medical Center’s Reba McEntire Center for Rehabilitation
She has taken it upon herself to boost patient morale by making hand-drawn cards for every patient, assisting patients with making FaceTime calls to talk to loved ones and by writing words of encouragement for every employee on our wristbands when she screens us.

Dr. Spears, Medical Director at The Brook Hospital KMI and The Brook Hospital Dupont
During this pandemic, Dr. Spears has provided outstanding leadership to our medical staff. He has been a calming force in a very uncertain time. He has provided great education to the physicians, and even staff, related to this challenging COVID-19.

Rena, Infection Preventionist/Employee Health at University Behavioral Center
She puts others first always and is the first person to volunteer for jobs that no one else wants to do but need to get done. I have watched her work to the point of exhaustion lately. She does not stop. She is smart, passionate and I am honored to work beside her.

Melissa, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at Valle Vista Health System
She has been the champion of kindness and compassion at Valle Vista. Along with the CNO, she is keeping us safe during this pandemic. Melissa is always present for all nurses, techs and everyone else, leading us in providing the best care for patients and their families. Melissa has faced mountains of adversity and has been able to harness her strengths gained through that adversity to help shape and change the life of others. She is passionate about mental health and addiction which shows daily in her work with both patients and staff.

Josie, Certified Nursing Assistant at Valley Hospital Medical Center
She is always willing to take on extra responsibility to help her coworkers. She has the sweetest personality. She will pass trays for others, go take care of others’ patients if they are busy and she always asks if there is a way for her to help. She is one of the greatest CNAs!

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