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Letters of Gratitude

Patients share their stories and express their appreciation for the care they received at UHS facilities.

Prominence Health Plan

Medicare Plan Member Credits Prominence’s Full Service

“Prominence absolutely rules.
I suffered a heart attack last July and they have been with me all the way.
They go out of their way to treat the whole person, body and mind.
I recommend them to anyone I can!”

Poplar Springs Hospital

Former Military Patient Thanks the Team at Poplar Springs Hospital

Thank you so much for everything.
You lead an incredible team and the care you provide is phenomenal.
I never thought that a behavioral health/rehab facility would be on my bucket list. But I am truly grateful I came here.
I realize this is just a good start and the work never stops.
Thank you again, sincerely.

Palmdale Regional Medical Center

Mom Expresses Gratitude for the Extraordinary ICU Team that Saved her Son

I started to write countless times over the last year and kept starting over because I just couldn’t possibly find the words to truly convey my gratitude to the ICU staff. I decided better to say something than nothing; if I keep waiting to write the perfect letter, it will never happen.

My son was taken to the emergency department and then into the ICU where he was treated for about a month and a half. I will never forget the tremendous care he received during that stay; the team was incredible. His doctor not only got my son through a problem no one expected him to come out of, but he got me, his mom, through it, too. I honestly don’t know if I would have had the strength to go through that horrible time if it wasn’t for this doctor. His oversight and quick actions were just plain miraculous. His quick action, after identifying a particular symptom, led to a very quick surgery that literally saved my son’s life. If it wasn’t for that, I know my son would not be alive today. I have deep gratitude, admiration and love for him in my heart and I know it will never go away. And the team of Palmdale Specialists that came to care for him daily were absolutely incredible. And everyone of them went the extra mile to keep me informed, when they didn’t have to.

The nursing staff was just unbelievable. There are so many to thank, from the bottom of my heart. I just can’t say enough about how amazing they were. What an incredible person: one nurse in particular, I never imagined a nurse could be this wonderful. She was the only one who could rally my son from what appeared to be a coma. He heard her extra caring and remembers her voice to this day. She would check on him from home. She even followed his progress after he left the ICU and came to his acute care facility on his birthday to celebrate him. That is an extraordinary individual, let alone extraordinary nurse.

And there are so many incredible people on the team, the technical staff giving him daily oxygen treatments, dialysis, CAT scans and x-rays. Our wonderful housekeeper who I looked forward to seeing every day. Always doing a great job. Always saying hello with a big smile that transferred to us. I could never properly express the depth of my appreciation and gratitude. If I keep waiting until just the right words come to me, too much more time will pass.

Thank you, Palmdale Regional, for your extraordinary team in the ICU. My sincere gratitude will be in my heart forever.

Independence Physician Management

IPM Doctor and Staff Were Recognized in a 5 Star Google Review

“The professional staff was super friendly and caring. They welcomed me with a smile, which made me feel right at home. The facility was neat and clean. Waiting time was fast. My doctor is an inspiring woman who is kind and sensitive to your needs. Her smile is addictive. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a place that treats you like family to visit this place.”

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