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A Business Update From
Marc D. Miller

Marc D. MillerWhile 2020 has undeniably offered unprecedented challenges, I am proud to lead an organization that is so deeply rooted in our purpose, so focused on delivering high quality patient care in all of our served markets.

From the start of the COVID pandemic that required us to quickly implement new protocols consistent with CDC guidelines, source supplies in quantity, and demonstrate agility in continuing to deliver critical care through an evolving environment;
…to the severe weather that affected certain regions of the country this fall;
…to the IT security issue that required us to utilize downtime procedures for an extended period of time;
…to the recent rise in COVID cases that continues to take a toll globally as well as very personally affecting some of our own and those close to us;
…to the recent optimism around the prospect of a vaccine that will be safe, effective and broadly available soon — for which we have activated a UHS Vaccine workgroup to centrally oversee all aspects, including closely monitoring guidance from the government and regulatory bodies, outlining prioritization and distribution scenarios and establishing clinical protocols,
we are focused, we are resilient and we continue to fulfill our purpose.

“I believe the future is very bright for UHS. We will continue to drive access, innovation and efficiency in healthcare.”

Marc D. Miller

COVID-19 has underscored the importance of health — and healthcare. What we do matters. At our Acute Care hospitals, Behavioral Health facilities and ambulatory locations, our skilled clinicians are saving and improving lives. And employees in administrative and support functions must always remember that we are here to enable those who are at the front lines.

In September, UHS Founder and Chairman Alan B. Miller announced that he will step down as CEO on January 1, transitioning responsibilities to me. I have tremendous admiration for his visionary approach, his ability to grow business opportunities, and ultimately the contributions he has made to healthcare delivery.

I have been asked during recent media interviews and by employees what will change – and the answer is that I hope not too much. We will continue on our steady course and navigate adeptly as we have in the past. The company’s foundation is strong; we have been and are successful; and we are well positioned for future growth. We aspire to be a provider and employer of choice. Specifically, we provide superior quality patient care; we value our employees and all their good work; we are devoted to serving our local communities; and we are committed to being a highly ethical healthcare provider.

What’s on the horizon? I believe the future is very bright for UHS. We will continue to drive access, innovation and efficiency in healthcare. We have been ahead of the curve in a lot of ways and it’s important to me that we don’t always do things the way everyone else in the industry is doing them. I believe we need to double down on a lot of the things that we’re already doing, but recognize that healthcare is changing. We need to be adaptive and more importantly, be ready to capitalize on those changes. Over the years, we’ve bucked trends and continuing to do that along with focusing on technologic advances and innovation will make us successful well into the future.

Thank you for your contributions. Looking forward to continuing our journey together.

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